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whoa man

so i made a bunch of money last night, and i paid my car payment only two days late...... and THEN i paid my phone bill early. i like this not stressed for money shit!
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poor snowy

she's doing ok without the cat being around, but i think she's getting tired of me being needy and wanting to pet her and scratch her constantly. she just got up and walked away from me for the fifth time today.

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dropped the cat off at the humane society early today. i just had to get it over with. it hurt, but i feel guilty most about the fact that i haven't cried. i've teared up, but i haven't cried. i keep looking at the humane society's website, they have a pic up of her - i turned her in as a stray. i couldn't handle relinquishing her.

she looks so angry in her pic. i cannot even imagine how she feels.

it hurts, but at the same time it's like a bad relationship coming to an end. i feel sorrow and relief. i've already gone thru the grieving process, dropping her off was me finally accepting it all.

my heart aches.
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on a more solemn note

i am officially getting rid of my cat. after 5 years of dealing with her peeing all over, i'm finally going to do it. i put a post up on stripper web asking for moral support, and i was attacked. can't say i'm suprised by it.

i did the best i could, i really did. but she's not happy, and neither am i. so i guess it's time we do the best thing for both of us.
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you are drunk, not witty.

so, today i get another human that thinks that they can outwit me. he's all, you're so pretty i don't want dances though. however, my vampire skills are becoming very good, and i will suck your blood i mean money. so this guy is drunk already, and he has the WORST laugh. like, huuuuuuuuh huuuuuuuuh huuuuuuuuuuh. a beavis and butthead laugh slowed down hardcore.

so i just tell him he's coming back with me. he agrees. and THEN it turns out he's a sub.

poor guy. he gets charged 160 for 4 dances, tops. and i threw him around a bit too, but that costs extra.

is it wrong that he ended up getting 500 out of the atm, and i'm pissed i only got him for 160?

oh wait that's right. it's been a shitty week, so i guess i gotta make it up somewhere.

and this kids, is why you don't hand strippers your credit card or stop paying attention. we WILL capitalize on that fact.
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just checked my credit report

due to insufficient money management since late 2006, I've had shitty issues with money. However, today was the first time since I got my car that I found out what my credit score is.

It's 461. Which is bad. However, I was concerned it might be in the 300's, so I'm kinda happy it's in that range. It's also helpful because now I know exactly who it is that I owe money to, and I can act accordingly.

Now if I could only get the money together to pay these fuckers off.
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(no subject)

I seriously love H&M something fierce. I do. I don't even buy clothes there, just underwear and accessories. There's something beyond amazing about getting $100 worth of lingerie, and i have a swimsuit, two bra and panty sets, another bra, and two pairs of underwear. All the bras cost $14.90, and the underwear $6.90 or less. And both parts of the bikini were $12.90.

Not to mention the ridiculous sunglasses I got last week that are so Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas that I want to puke, they're so amazing.

I didn't even mind having to drive down by the border to go to Plaza Bonita, which is the only H&M by me that carries undies.

Essie, pay attention. They have just the right amount of padding. They make all boobies look amazing. Except for man boobies. Those are just.... blegh.
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mexican food

I have no idea which bit it was, something in the chicken soup prolly, but godDAMN i am a gassy motherfucker now.

good lord, i'm choking myself!