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yunachan's Journal

behind the glitter and the glamour its the same
3 November 1985
I'm back, finally. And feeling sociable at that. Isn't that amazing? So yeah, in case you didn't know... Heyas! It's Meg. I'm the refreshing breath of insanity that you encounter on your daily commute. I'm the brunette with the black toenail polish at the club with the 8 1/2 inch heels that will be your harasser for the evening. I'd like to suggest that you just lay back and enjoy the ride.

On a somewhat more cynical side note, please realize that this is a journal. It just happens to be online. Therefore, if you manage to stumble upon it, and find that some of it might be you (which is all of about 3 people in the world), don't come to me angry about it. The people who read it and might comment on it have already heard of you, and probably will never even end up meeting you. This means that all names will be used in their original context. I've covered my ass enough already, I deserve to have a place where I can just be me.

That being said, I'm going back to my usual self.